Teaching with Technology: Task Design, Creating Workshops and Online Modelling books

 Transform your teaching and your students’ learning by changing the way you plan, deliver content and design tasks using websites, Google Apps, iPads, tablets and computers. Learn how the SAMR model can help you to plan and design tasks. Design workshops that you can use for teaching and that students can use independently. Find out how online modelling books can be used. Discover how the use of online workshops and modelling books work in an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) classroom.
 Make your own website with Wikis, Blogs, Weebly's or Google Sites

One of the components of an Innovative Learning Environment is how you provide for student learning online. You might have your own Blog, Wiki or Google Site and you would like to improve on it. Or you would like to learn how to develop one from the beginning. This workshop will start you off, or help you to develop it for more effective use in the classroom. You will learn how to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing, has useful content for your students and will become an important resource in your own personal digital toolkit.

  iPads in the classroom 'Content creating versus Content Consumption' workshop

Learn about some great Content Creating apps to use with students and develop some ideas of how to use them in your classroom.  Find out how to use your iPad as a tool to teach with. Learn about app smashing. Try some coding and Augmented Reality (AR). Find out how others have been using iPads in the classroom. Identify new ways of using iPads in literacy and maths. Discover what integration of iPads looks like in a Modern Learning Environment (MLE) classroom.

 The  e-Learning  Classroom

What is an e-Learning classroom? What is an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE)? What changes do you need to make to become an e-Learning teacher. How does the e-learning happen? Explore what this could look  like in your classroom and be prepared to make some change

Supporting students to improve their researching skills

Many of our schools are running ‘Inquiry’ based programmes, but are our student research skills adequate? How can we support students to improve their researching skills?  What other tools can you and your students use in the classroom? What skills do I need as a teacher to facilitate learning and demonstrate advanced researching skills? Find out how you and your students can become awesome researchers.  

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in the classroom

This workshop is suitable for those who already use Google Apps in the classroom but would like to know more. What add-ons are you using? How are you using the range of Google Apps available in the Classroom? Create interactive independent/collaborative documents for students and add them to Google Sites or Blogger. Find out how others are using Google Classroom. Discover what GAFE looks like in an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) classroom.

Google Apps for Admin

This workshop is suitable for those who are working in an admin role within the school. Find out how to maximise the use of Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Calendar and Gmail. Learn how to create surveys, questionnaires, newsletters, organise folders, create calendars, make new email groups, filter emails and many more tips and tricks.
  Building Digital Citizens We need to teach our students how to be safe online in the ever expanding digital community they belong to. In this workshop we will cover the three aspects of Building Digital Citizens
  1. Cybersafety (How to be safe when posting details online)
  2. Social Networking (How to be a responsible citizen when connecting with others online)
  3. Responsible Researchers (How to be accountable, smart researchers)
 Maths and e-Learning There are multitude of devices that can  be  all  used  in  Maths  to  facilitate  learning.  Explore  a  variety  of  programmes, apps  and  websites  and  build  up  resources  suitable  for  your  level.  Develop  management  techniques  that  will  ensure  that  e-learning  is  happening  in  your  Maths  programme.