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I am now a 'MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator'.

Check out my latest new resources Minibeast Inquiry and CV template.

My last 'Walk the Talk' was held April 2016 at Ardmore School. Take a look at some of the work I did with the children. 'Walk the Talk Ardmore'

Read what I did in a Year 5/6 class in 2013, a 1-1 iPad class Clevedon School. Or more recently at Alfriston School.

New or Updated Wikis
 This wiki is all about how to create workshops and Learning Task Docs
 This wiki has links and tutorials to Coding using devices and computers.

Here is a presentation on BYOD (1-1 iPads) I co-presented with Clevedon staff at uLearn 2013.

BYOD and e-Learning

School Holiday Workshops
October 2017
I will be running workshops in the October School Holidays. More details to come soon.
Email Jacqui Sharp to register interest 

uLearn 2017
I will be presenting at uLearn with David Kinane

Authentic mathematical experiences using digital technologies in a primary classroom
How can we deliver an engaging maths curriculum that moves maths from a prescriptive discipline to real world authenticity for students? Mastery comes from relevance, as in the classroom, students collaboratively solve real world problems making connections to their life and experiences. Using digital technologies, discover how you can use a concept led, problem solving approach in your classroom to create a student led, immersive and absorbing learning environment. In this practical workshop you will become students in an ILE, choosing your own learning pathway and learning partners to participate with in a collaborative problem based inquiry.


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